President's Words

President's Words

Innovation, development and dream chaser, the way I describe our company and teams.

At Aisino, innovation is what drives everything we do. With the support our briliant team, Aisno is able to design and implement multiple national large-scale projects taking place around the country, including but no limited to: E-Government, Golden Tax System(GTS), Golden Card System(GCS), Golden Shield System(GSS). These projects were all well known and especially distinguished.

As a company, we are making every possible effort to ensure the quality of our products and services. To "ensure our talent teams grow up with the company, the company grows up sustainably, protect shareholder's equity, and repay the socitety." is one of the permanent objectives in our corporation. We are not just satisfied while significant progresses had been achieved by our teams in both of the GTS and financial service fields. Our teams and the experiences we gained in the industries of Information Security, IoT, Cloud Computing, Embedded system and application software, will lead us to the new succes in the future projects.

Employees are a company's greatest assets. They are the company. We will continuously ensure to provide employees opportunities for improvement. With our comprehensive sales and service network, our talent team's efforts and experiences we have gained, Aisino will deliver the best solutions to our clients. Through the global partnerships and programs, our teams are inspired and will become the future tech leaders.

We take pride in our leadership role and we believe in leading by example. Aisino is proud of being a chaser of Chinese Dream.